What Sauces Does Golden Chick Have?

Golden Chicken has become a household name in Singapore since its launch in 2016.

The restaurant chain offers a variety of chicken dishes, from fried rice to curry puffs.

What sauces does Golden Chick serve?

Golden Chick was founded in 2015 by two friends who wanted to bring their love of food back home after living abroad.

They started out serving only fried rice and curry puff at their first outlet in Bukit Batok.

Today, they have over 50 outlets across Singapore.

Golden Chick serves a wide range of chicken dishes, from curries to noodles.

Their signature dish is the Fried Rice, which comes with a choice of meat or veggie toppings.

Other popular items include Curry Puff, Crispy Chicken, and Chicken Laksa

What Is Lotta Zing?

Golden Chick has many sauces such as: BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Spicy Salsa, Ranch Dressing, Ketchup, Barbecue Sauce, Garlic Aioli, Mayonnaise, Creamy Italian, Balsamic Vinegar, Blue Cheese Dressing, Thousand Island, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Lemon Pepper, Chipotle, Ponzu, Teriyaki, Ginger Miso, Peanut Butter, Hot Sauce, Sriracha, Wasabi, Tzatziki, Guacamole, Avocado Crema, Cilantro Lime, Thai Curry, Black Bean Dip, White Bean Dip, Hummus, Tapenade, Mango Chutney, Tomato Basil, Strawberry Jam, Cranberry Relish, Peach Preserves, Apricot Preserves, Apple Pie Filling, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Chocolate Truffle Spread, Caramelized Onion Spread, Roasted Garlic Spread, Bacon Spread, Mushroom Spread, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Spinach Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Vegetable Stock, Seafood Stock, Chicken Broth, Beef Broth, Vegetable Broth, Fish Stock, Shrimp Stock, Crabmeat Stock, Lobster Stock, Oyster Stock, Clam Stock, Scallop Stock, Salmon Stock, Turkey Stock, Chicken Soup, Beef Soup, Vegetable Soup, Lentil Soup, Split Pea Soup, Potato Soup, Cornbread

Do Sandwiches Include Sauce At Golden Chick?

Yes! We offer sandwiches with our sauces. Our sauces are available in different flavors. For instance, we have BBQ sauce, honey mustard, sweet and sour sauce, spicy salsa, ranch dressing, ketchup, barbeque sauce, garlic mayonnaise, creamy italian, balsamic vinegar, thousand island, red wine vinaigrette, lemon pepper, chipotle, sriracha, wasabi, tzatziki, guacamole, avocado crema, cilantro lime, thai curry, black bean dip, white bean dip, hummus, tapenade, mango chutney, tomato basil, strawberry jam, cranberry relish, apricot preserves, apple pie filling, chocolate hazelnut spread, chocolate truffle spread, carmelized onion spread, roasted garlic spread, bacon spread, mushroom spread, spinach artichoke dip, spinach parmesan, eggplant parmesean, pizza sauce, marinara sauce, chicken stock, beef stock, vegetable stock, seafood stock, crab meat stock, lobster stock, oyster stock, clam stock, scallop stock, salmon stock, turkey stock, chicken soup, beef soup, vegetable soup, lentil soup, split pea soup, potato soup, cornbread.

Big & Golden –

We have many types of sandwich such as hamburger, hot dog, cheese burger, grilled cheese, club sandwich, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, taco salad, garden salad, chicken salad, chicken wrap, chicken Caesar, chicken quesadilla, chicken burrito, chicken enchilada, chicken fajita, chicken patty melt, chicken gyro, chicken teriyaki, chicken supreme, chicken cheesesteak, chicken club, chicken club sandwich, chicken club roll, chicken club wrap, chicken club sub, chicken club wrap, fried chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, chicken biscuit, chicken pot pie, baked chicken, chicken and waffles, chicken and dumplings, chicken and rice, chicken and pasta, chicken and potatoes, chicken and vegetables, chicken and gravy, chicken and biscuits, chicken and gravy, fried chicken, chicken and beans, chicken and broccoli, chicken and carrots, chicken and peas, chicken and rice, fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken wing, fried chicken, chicken drumstick,

Signature Chicken Salad Sandwich

Big & Golden – We have many types of sandwich, such as hamburger,hot dog,cheese burger,grilled cheese,club sandwich,tuna salad,ham and cheese,peanut butter and jelly,chicken salad,chicken nuggets,fish sticks,macaroni and cheese,spaghetti,lasagna,taco salad,garden salad,fried chicken,fried chicken,fried egg,fried egg,fried eggs,fried eggs,fried chicken,fried eggs,fried egg,fried chicken,fried chickens,fried chicken,fried chickens,fried chicken,fried chicks,fried chicken,fried chikens,fried chicken,french fries,french fries,fried chicken,fried chickens,fried chicken,friedchickens,fried chicken,fried chickens,fried chicken,chicken pot pie,chicken pot pie,fried chicken,fried chicken pot pies,fried chicken,friedpot pies,fried chicken,chuck ewes,chuck ewe,fried chicken,fried pot pies,fried chicken pot pies.

Golden Tender Sandwhich

We have many types of sandwich,such as hamburger,hotdog,cheese burger, grilled cheese, club sandwich, tuna salad, ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, chicken salad, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, taco salad, garden salad, fried chicken, fried egg, fried egg, fried eggs, fried eggs, fried chicken, fried eggs, fried egg, fried chicken, fried chickens, fried chicken, fried chicken, friedchicks, fried chicken, fried chicks, fried chicken, fried pot pies, fried chicken, friedpot pies, fried chicken, french fries, french fries, fried chicken, fried chikens, fried chicken, fried chickens, fried chicken,fried chicken, fried chickens,fried chicken, friedchickens, fried chicken,fried pot pies.

What Dressings Does Golden Chick Have?

We have many types of dressings such as ranch dressing,mayonnaise,ketchup,mustard,honey mustard,butter sauce,barbecue sauce,salsa,tomato ketchup,sweet chili sauce,BBQ sauce,bacon bits,curry sauce,ranch dip,creamy ranch dip,spicy ranch dip,dijon mustard,blue cheese dressing,lemon pepper,garlic herb,apple cider vinegar,olive oil,pesto,peanut butter,vegetable oil,mayonnaise,honey mustard,mustard,ketchup,barbecue sauce,bacon bits.
How To Make Fri
ed Chicken Sandwich
Answer: First we cut the bread into two pieces. Then we put the lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, and the fried chicken between the two pieces of bread. Finally, we fold the top piece over the bottom piece.

Golden Chick Sauce Nutrition

We use only the finest ingredients to create our sauces. Our sauces are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and nut free. They are made from natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives are added.

Golden Chick Sauce

Our sauce is 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives. It’s made from scratch using only the highest quality organic ingredients available. We use only the finest spices and herbs to create our unique flavor profile. Our sauces are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free. No artificial flavors or preservatives were used during production.

Serving Size (Ounces)

We recommend 1/2 cup per serving.


Serving size is based on the total weight of the product. For example, if you buy a 12 oz bag of chips, we recommend dividing the total weight by 2 to determine how many servings you get. This is because not everyone eats the same amount of food each day. We recommend using our calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should eat each day.
Nutrition Facts
Answer: Nutrition facts are calculated based on the information provided by manufacturers. Manufacturers are required to list the nutritional content of their products on the nutrition label. These numbers represent only part of the whole picture. The other important piece of information is the serving size. Our serving sizes are rounded up to the nearest tablespoon, but you should always check the actual serving size listed on the packaging.

Total Fat (g)

Fat is a type of dietary fat found in animal and vegetable sources. It provides essential fatty acids and helps maintain skin health. Total fat includes saturated fat, trans fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, omega 3 fats, and omega 6 fats.
Saturated Fat g
Trans Fat g

Sodium (mg)

Total Carb g: 1 cup cooked = 45 g
Sodium mg: 1 cup cooked= 1,100 mg

Does Golden Chick Have Hot Sauce?

Yes, we have hot sauce! We offer our own homemade hot sauce recipe that is 100% natural and free from preservatives. It is made with only the finest ingredients and is guaranteed to give you a kick!

Does Golden Chick Have Barbecue Sauce?

We do not currently carry barbecue sauce. However, we do have a great selection of sauces available online.

Does Golden Chick Have Tartar Sauce?

No, we do not have tartar sauce. We do however have a great selection of other sauces available online.

What sauces do they have at Golden Chick?

Yes, we have our own brand of hot sauce called “Golden Chick Hot Sauce”. It is available in different flavors such as Original, Habanero, Jalapeno, and Sriracha. We also offer a wide range of other sauces such as BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Salsa Verde, and many others.

What is Zing sauce made of?

Yes we do! We have our own recipe for BBQ Sauce. It is very delicious and easy to make. Just follow the instructions below.
1 Heat the oven to 350 degrees F 180 C.
2 In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, chili powder, black pepper, mustard, liquid smoke, and sugar until well combined. Add the beef and toss to coat.

Does Golden Chick have barbecue sauce?

Zing sauce is a sweet and tangy condiment that is used in many Asian dishes. It is usually served with fried foods such as spring rolls, egg rolls, dumplings, and other items. It is available in different flavors, but the most common flavor is orange. It is made from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, limes, and kumquats.

Does Golden Chick have hot sauce?

We offer many different types of sauces such as honey mustard, ranch, barbecue, ketchup, sweet chili, blue cheese, and garlic butter. We also have a wide selection of dipping sauces such as buffalo wing sauce, hot pepper jelly, and teriyaki sauce.

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