11 Best Substitutes for Green Chilies

Green chilies are spicy, hot peppers that add flavor to dishes.

They are also very good for health, since they contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, and iron.

Unfortunately, green chilies are often expensive and hard to find.

If you want to enjoy their benefits without spending too much, try these 11 alternatives.

Chili peppers are native to Mexico and Central America.

The word chili comes from the Nahuatl language, meaning “little fire.

” In Spanish, the word chile means both pepper and chili.

There are hundreds of varieties of chiles, each with its own unique taste and heat level.

Some are mild, some are medium, and some are super spicy.

There are several ways to substitute green chilies.

For example, you can replace them with other spices or herbs.

You can also use dried red chilies instead of fresh ones

Best Substitutes for Green Chilies

Green chilies are used in many dishes around the world. It is very important to know how to substitute green chilies. Here we have listed the best substitutes for green chili.
1 Jalapeno – This is a milder version of the green chili. It is used in Mexican cuisine.
2 Serrano Chili – This is another type of chili. It is used to spice up soups, stews, sauces, and
other dishes.

1. Jalapeno

Jalapenos are a member of the pepper family. They are usually found in cans or jars. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They are mostly used in Mexican cuisine. They are spicy and hot. They are not suitable for people who are allergic to chili peppers.

2. Banana Pepper

Banana peppers are very similar to jalapenos but they are smaller in size. They are also known as banana peppers because of their shape. They are usually green in color. They are very popular in Asian cuisines. They are also used in Indian dishes.
3. Cayenne
Cayenne peppers are also called red peppers. They are very spicy and hot. They can be found in many colors such as yellow, orange, green, black and white. They are mainly used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisines. They can also be found in Italian dishes.

3. Pasilla Pepper

Pasilla peppers are also known as New Mexico chiles. They are very spicy, sweet and mild. They are mostly used in Mexican cuisine. They are also used as a seasoning in other dishes.
4. Jalapeno Peppers
Jalapenos are also called habanero peppers. They are very hot and spicy. They are mainly used as a spice in Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine. They are also widely used in American cuisine.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a dried red chili pepper from the Capsicum annuum species. It is used as a spice and condiment. It is available in different colors such as white, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, and red.
5. Habanero Pepper
Habaneros are also known as Scotch Bonnet peppers. They are very spicy and hot. They are mainly used in Mexican cuisine.

5. Anaheim Pepper

1. Cayenne Pepper
2. Habanero Pepper Scotch Bonnet

6. Fresno Pepper

5. Anaheim Pepper
1 Cayenne Pepper
2 Habanero Pepper Scotch bonnet
3 Jalapeno Peppers
4 Serrano Peppers
5 Thai Peppers
6 Fresno Pepper

8. Serrano Pepper

Poblano peppers are medium sized and round in shape. They have a mild flavor and are used mostly in Mexican dishes. They are usually found canned or dried.
Serrano peppers are long and thin. They have a hot taste and are used mainly in sauces and salsas. They are available fresh or dried.

9. Chilli Powder

Chilli powder is a mixture of ground chillies mixed with other spices. It is used in many Indian dishes.
10. Garlic
Garlic is a bulbous plant belonging to the lily family. It is native to Central Asia and China. It grows in temperate regions and is cultivated throughout the world.

10. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are fruits from the capsicum genus of the nightshade family. They are grown worldwide and are consumed in many cuisines.
11. Cumin Seeds
Cumin seeds are the dried
fruit of the cumin plant also called “jeera”. They are widely used in Indian cuisine.

11. Habanero Pepper

Habanero pepper is a type of chili pepper native to Mexico and Central America. It is usually found in sauces and salsas.
12. Jalapeno Pepper
Jalapenos are members of the Capsicum annuum species of the nightshade Solanaceae family. They are cultivated commercially throughout the world.

Why Are These Chilies the Perfect Green Chilies Substitutes?

Chili peppers are used in many dishes around the globe. However, not all chilies are created equal. In fact, some chilies are better substitutes for others. For instance, habaneros are great green chilies substitutes because they are similar in flavor and heat level. On the other hand, jalapenos are excellent green chili substitutes because they are milder in flavor and heat level compared to habaneros.
13. Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is a member of the capsicum genus of the nightshade solanaceae family. It is grown commercially worldwide.

What more?

14. Paprika
Paprika is a spice derived from dried ripe red bell peppers capsicums. It is used in a wide range of cuisines, especially Hungarian cuisine.

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